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Airscapes of Rockelstad Castle

Airscapes of Rockelstad taken by Claes Bonde
Our friendly neighbour Claes Bonde has with his airplane contributed to the development of the website. Here a picture taken towards north with lake Baven in the background

Airscapes 2 of Rockelstad taken by Claes Bonde
This is an unusual perspective from the lakeside. Note the difference in the castle frontage on the north and south side. The picture is also taken by Claes Bonde that has more airscapes on beutiful farms at his website.

Airscapes of Rockelstad end of 1990th
This picture is probably from the end of 1990. You can observe a number of differences. Tennis court has been added, the Park has not so many trees, and agricultural buildings have been added.

Airscapes of Rockelstad end of 1970th
Picture from the end of 1970:th or the beginning of the 1980:th

Airscapes of Rockelstad late 60th or early 70th
This picture is probably from the en of the 1960:th or the beginning of the 1970:th

Airscapes of Rockelstad after 1954
This picture is probably taken after 1954. Note the differences compared to the picture below.
The old tennis court had just been made.

Airscapes of Rockelstad, before 1954
probably the oldest picture. This is a postcard stamped 23/2 -54.

Castle in short
Airscapes of Rockelstad
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