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Castle suites at Rockelstad Castle

Inside the castle building we have 3 very exclusive suites with preserved interiors from past times. The likehood of such suites can normally not be found in commercial hotels, as the formal aspect of "standard" has forced most hotels to prioritise other things than historical elements and characteristics. That is not the case here at Rockelstad.

The castle suites are often used at weddings and sometimes for weekend packages. All three suites have their own shower and toilet inside the room. Two of the showers/toilets have been added in 2008, with much effort. All three rooms have magnificent interiors and furniture.

There are also many more bedrooms in the wings, some of them very nice and genuine. In total we have somewhere between 22 and 30 separate bedrooms.

The castle suites also contain a book-room (small library) with tapestry of golden leather and an atrium room that also can be used for dining, breakfast and coffee.

In this part of the castle there also is a small spiral staircase to the Turkish room that sometimes can be used after agreement.

The suites have been equipped with lyxury beds, and we only rent them out made with sheets, towels and cleaning. But please remember that we do not run a commercial hotel business, and the suites might not be perfect from all aspects.

If you are looking for something completely different, where a separated unique and antique castle environment is combined with a comfortable standard, our castle suites probably are "one of a kind".

Prices to rent Castle suites you find here

Tower of the Count

This room is the bottom floor of one of the round towers. The interior of the room was made in 1904 to count Eric von Rosen, to be used as his working room. On the open fireplace Eric and Mary von Rosen has carved in their signatures in sandstone. We have used this room as our pool table room until Aug 2007 when we made it into our probably most magnificent bedroom. Spring 2008 we also built a shower & toilet in green marble and gold plaited accessories, accessible from inside the room. Tower of the count Suite at Rockelstad

Countess bedchamber

In this room, old countess Mary von Rosen had her bedroom. This is one of the few rooms in the original castle building from 1642, with ceilings painted in 1670. A very nice open fireplace in soap-stone was added in 1909. This suite contains our most elegant shower & toilet room, accessible directly from within the bedroom (built spring 2008) Countess bedchamber Suite at Rockelstad

Lake tower

This square tower on the castle seaside was earlier a dressing room and a huge bathroom. In the 1990:th we conducted an extensive reconstruction of this tower, to make it into a suite with shower & toilet. The private entry door to these three rooms is also placed at this tower. Lake tower is decorated in French "Empire" style with the antique Napoleon bed in the centre (made in Paris around 1820). Lake tower Suite at Rockelstad

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