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Castle in short

Exterior Rockelstad Castle southsida Rockelstad Castle is a peculiar building. The castle is rebuilt many times from the 1700th century and up to our days. According to old books of the church, there has been a settlement here at least from the 1400:th century, and probably much longer. The front side (south) of the castle has Gripsholm as its role model. Style of the norse national romanticism is prevailing.

Exterior Rockelstad Castle, northside The seaside is more inspired by Italian renaissance with moorish vaults among other elements.
Rockelstad before rebuilding 1900 Originally there was a square manor building in wood here. At the later decades of the 1900th century the castle was rebuilt by Carl Sylvan to a brick building with two floors. The towers were also added at that time.

Rockelstad Wings The castle has two larger and two smaller wings. They are revetted wooden houses from late 1700:th century.

Eric von Rosen
Eric von Rosen
In 1899 Carl Gustav von Rosen bought Rockelstad to his eldest son. When the manor house Írbyhus in landscape of Uppland was for sale the plans changed, and Rockelstad was given to the second son Eric von Rosen. Eric was an ethnographer and explorer. The family von Rosen lived at Rockelstad until 1973 when Helene and Christer von Post purchased the farm.

Main dining room Rockelstad Slott The dining room is one of the rooms that are left in relatively untouched condition from the 1700th century Paintings in the roof are original and preserved because of the weave that was set on top of the paintings for a long period of time when baroque ceilings were out of fashion.

Atrium room Rockelstad Castle The atrium room, here a picture from the time of von Rosen.

Turkish room at Rockelstad The Turkish room is probably the room that makes most people raise their eyebrows. Situated on the top floor of one of the round towers the room is made to a belvedere accessible "all year around" as it says in the old floor plan. Style of the room is actually moorish, and the room was made in the 1880:th when the "orient" where highly in fashion for interior decoration.

Chapel at Rockelstad The chapel of saint Bridget was made for countess Mary von Rosen during 1909-1917. Also situated in the top floor of a round tower, it was made as a work and meditation room for her work with the sisters of Societas Sanctae Birgittae. The room is dedicated to saint Bridget (heliga Birgitta)

Wine cellar at Rockelstad The wine cellar is in one of the vaults from the 1400 th century.

Helene and Christer von Post When Helene and Christer von Post took over the farm in 1973, farming and milk-cows where the dominating business. In the 1980:th tourist business on a limited scale was started. In 1991 when milk production was resigned, a more extensive business with conferences and celebration parties was initiated.

Anna and Fredrik von Post From 2004 the different businesses of the farm is managed by Anna and Fredrik von Post, who also live on the farm.

Exterior of Rockelstad with portal Closeshot towers of portal Rockelstad

Castle in short
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