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Living estate with farming and stable

Rockelstad is a living estate with various local businesses at the farm. The estate is managed by the owners and a few other persons.

Farming, forestry and hunting

Rockelstad have for a long time had milk cows, in the 1980:th in a quite large scale with 180 cows and 400 animals in total. 1991 this was replaces by horses and ecological grain farming of oat and wheat. As Rockelstad is a middle size farm of about 1200 acres (+ 600 acres of water) there is also a limited amount of foresting. Hunting and fishing is uses for our own part or rented out.

Stable establishment in winter dress
Stable establishment in winter dress

Heating facility at Rockelstad

During 2006-2007 a new heating facility was installed. It consists of a central warming-pan of 250 KW from Mekano in Malung that is heated by wooden chips (flis). 14 houses on the farm including the castle and wings have been connected by a culvert system (pipes) with a total length of about 1500 metres. This has been a very extensive project as several of the buildings also had to be rebuilt for water based heating. An optical fibernet (Local area computer network) to all houses was built at the same time. Heating facility during construction
Heating facility during construction

Stable and riding courses at Rockelstad

Rockelstad stable and riding courses are managed by riding instructor Anja Held. She has a website for her business at

The charioteer Anders Eriksson has had his business here for almost 10 years until winter 2007.

Houses at the farm

A great part of the farm business today is real estate management. Part from the castle the estate also host 13 houses/villas and three crofts/cottages. Some of the villas have a very comfortable view over the lake. In the stable building there is a nice apartment with education premises. All houses on the farm are rented out or used in some kind of business.
Anders Ericsson
Anders Ericsson
Some of the estate buildings
Some of the estate buildings

Castle park at Rockelstad

The castle park at Rockelstad was designed by park engineer Rudolf Abelin in the beginning of the 20:th century. The inspiration came partly from the 17:th century baroque parks, but an English park that extended out on the headland along the shore of lake Båven was also created.

Castle in short
Airscapes of Rockelstad
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