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Rockelstad History

    Rockelstad is a place where you literally walk through history. In the castle and wings rooms and items are preserved from medieval times up to modern time, almost all styles are represented. Remarkable individuals, fabulous interiors and funny anecdotes are all part of the atmosphere.

Old miniature of Rockelstad Castle

The Estate through the ages

    This is the story about Rockelstad, an estate in landscape of Sörmland. Read about each historical epoch. Owners of the estate, major changes of the houses and mansion, and also about the people who lived here.    Read about the Estate through the ages

Close-shot of entrance at Rockelstad Castle

Architecture and Interiors

    Many of the buildings at Rockelstad are remarkable and interesting in several ways. We provide a short architectural overview of the castle, its wings and some of the most stunning interiors.
Read about Architecture and Interiors

Part of the gothic chest

Remarkable objects

    Some of the items in the castle deserve a more thorough description. This is primarily things that have been here for many generations, and have a story to tell.   Read about Remarkable objects

Hermann Goering at stonebridge on Rockelstad

Rockelstad and Hermann Goering

    Before Herman Göring became Hitler's helpmate he lived in Sweden for a while. He was working as a pilot in Stockholm when he got the mission to fly count Eric von Rosen to Rockelstad, where he meet his wife to be: Carin, sister in law to the count
Read about Rockelstad and Göring

Verner von Heidenstam small portrait

Legends and Lore

    Over the years many stories with connection to Rockelstad has come to our knowledge through word of mouth. Exact details have varied with origin of the story. We have written them down and present them as "Legends and Lore"
Read about Legends and Lore

You are also welcome to take a look at Historical pictures at the menu to the right.

The Estate through the ages
Architectural history
Remarkable objects
Rockelstad and Hermann Göring
Legends and Lore
Historical pictures of Rockelstad
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