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Party premises and parties at Rockelstad

At Rockelstad you can rent party premises for a number of different occasions. You can choose to manage most things yourself to a lower cost, or have a higher service level. Some examples are birthday parties, wedding celebration, kick off, party with the company, bachelor party or some kind of representation.

Rockelstad can often be a good alternative to party premises in Stockholm and other greater cities, as the possibility to sleep over always is included. You get more time to socialise, no one needs to drive home in the evening, the party can go on until morning, and you bring your own drinks.

Rockelstad Castle is an old fashioned manorial estate, without a fixed setup of restaurant personnel. So it is up to you to choose a suitable balance between service level, standard and cost. Most things can be arranged through us or local partners if you want to.

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The emplacement of the estate, combined with pleasant old fashioned buildings gives you nice surroundings for your party, and an environment your guests will be enchanted by. If there is time, your guests can enjoy themselves with a number of activities like sauna, canoes, kägelbahn and tennis. More advanced and supervised activities like Segway and Crosscart are also possible.

From around 6 to 100 persons are a suitable number of guests for the different party premises at Rockelstad. The size of the dining room usually set the limitation. Small groups often arrange all their food themselves, while larger groups often need help with food. We can put you in touch with local entrepreneurs for that, but we do not interfere with your economical agreement with them.

You have at least one whole house at your full disposal. Beds in the house/houses you rent are always included, but there is of course no obligation to sleep over. A number of extra beds can also be arranged without cost. But please think through your bed placement in time, so you get the desirable standard of living for your guests. Perhaps it is possible for us to offer a better price on an extra house with short notice.

Please also observe that we do not have a fixed reception. You usually need to have someone to show your guests to their rooms when they arrive. We often participate in the preparatory work (i.e. to put up tables), and the work afterwards (for instance cleaning). Laying of tables for dinner is normally your responsibility, while dishing and cleaning of kitchens usually is made by the person or catering firm that arrange food. If you choose to make your own food, your cost will be lower, but there will be more work as you also have to do dishing and kitchen cleaning. If you choose to let someone help you with food, please assure that dishing and kitchen cleaning is included.

Rent your own house with party premises

One of our main businesses is to Rent out houses. This normally means a quite low base cost and service level for the house rental. Additional costs might be added for merchandises and services you require. The cost calculation for having a party is primarily based on the cost for the different houses. Please observe that a party for a company and also wedding arrangements demands another practical and economical agreement.

With the party setup we provide you get both undisturbed living and the party premises for yourself. You do not need to be concerned about ending the party a certain time in the night.

At Rockelstad every arrangement is unique, and to the extent you prefer, custom made for each group. It is uncommon that the facilities are used by multiple groups. With the four wings of the castle and other houses in the castle park, we can offer party and dining facilities for 92 (98) persons, and living for 60 - 80 persons. You decide how many to sleep over, and how to place the guests in bedrooms.

Be in the Castle

The castle is partly used for our own private living, and it has sensitive interiors and furniture. The bottom floor of the castle can be used preferably for reception and welcome drink before dinner, or for small groups, coffee and avec in the Ante room. If there is need for exclusive representation and a totally uncommercial dining room, we sometimes can allow dinner in the old part of the castle, as well as use of saloons and the Turkish room. In the castle building we also rent out a kind of apartment with three very exclusive castle suites, for which a resembling counterpart is very hard to find, at least among commercial establishments Rockelstad Castle exterior view from the great portal

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