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Prices and alternatives at Rockelstad

Prices for intraday conference

ParticipantsPrice per person
15 - 24600
25 - 39550
40 - 100500
Inclusive Forenoon coffee, 2-course lunch, Afternoon coffee and conference room and conference equipment.

Prices conference and kickoff overnight

8 - 1419901840
15 - 2218901740
23 - 3017901640
31 - 45 1590
46 - 80 1540
Inclusive Forenoon coffee, lunch, Afternoon coffee, 3-course dinner and breakfast. Conference room with equipment included.

All our guestrooms are situated in old original buildings with varying standard The division into single and double rooms are just guiding. Detailed Bedroom placement with pictures can be found in the Swedish version.

What is included in the prices

Conference room with fruit, candy, water, notebooks, pens, whiteboard, videoprojector, filmscreen, Internet. Access to sauna, bowling house, tennis court, canoes, parkering, bed linnen, cleaning.

Possible addons

Extra coffee60 kr  One more home-made coffee break with cake
Extra lunch120 kr  Extra lunch i.e. the second day
Extra dinner340 kr  Extra dinner, in addition to the one included
Extra breakfast80 kr  One more breakfast, if you arrive early, or stay extra night day285 kr  Conference room above the first day
Castle tour100 kr  Guided castle tour, minimum cost 1000kr
Disco sterio1500 kr  CD-records not included, spotify possible. Total cost
Karaoke800 kr  Sterio incl, records. Total cost
Castle dinner200 kr  Dinner in the old castle dining room i.e. for representation
Castle coffee50 kr  Coffee in the castle, i.e after dinner
Teambuildning?? kr  We arrange a lot of activities, see separat headline in Swedish version

Price dscription

The prices above are in SEK per person and day excluding VAT. These are our official prices, at low season, multiple days or returning customers discount is sometimes offered. When comparing to other conference establishments, please note that conference room is included, and that we have no margin when mediating alcohol. If you think Rockelstad can be an option for you please contact us for an offer.


Whole year, except july, christmas and new years
Friday to saturday not possible some wedding weekends.

Prices for Weddings

The price for a wedding at Rockelstad contains two parts Base rent and Addons.

The base rent is dependant of how many you are at the wedding (dining guests) and includes rental of the facilities (kitchen, dining room, dancing area and guestrooms). A more extensive description of what is included is shown below.

You choose addons from our addon list below. When you sum the base rent with the addons, you get the Total cost.

For the most popular wedding weekends, we have set a minimum price. This means that the total cost for a wedding these weekends must reach at least that amount.

Base rent
Dinner guestsCost
Person 1 - 70700 kr/person
Person 71 - 92600 kr/person
Person 93 + 500 kr/person

Calculation example Base rent with 95 dinner guests
70 personsx  700 = 49000
22 personsx  600 = 13200
3 personsx  500 = 1500
Sum Base rent = 63700

Included in the base rent:
- Dining room & kitchen with all equipment
- Staying over for as many you want to place
- Dancing area with bar
- Cleaning of all houses except kitchens (your catering should do that)
- Staying over 4 persons fr-sa
- White linen table clothing, glass and porcelain
- Electricity, water, garbage bags, toilet paper, schampo, dish powder.
- Access to sauna, bowling house, tennis court, canoes, bbq grills, castle park, parking.

The base rent also includes access to the house with the dining room (East wing or Yellow pavilion) from friday afternoon/evening (to prepare dining tables etc). Access to the other houses saturday before lunch, if other deals have not been made in advance. The Yellow pavillion is not automatically included.

A90 kr/set  Bed linen & Towels (we rent them ourselves)
B50 kr/bed   Made beds (when using our bed linen)
C10 kr/st  Linen napkins (other alternatives are common)
D30 kr/st  White chair covers in the Yellow pavillion
E50 kr/st   Extra table clothing (except what is used for dinner)
F350 kr/person  Staying over fr-sa (above 4 persons)
G500 kr/move   Moving/packing tables/chairs in Brygghuset
H2000 kr  Bottom floor of castle for bridal toast / reception
I1500 kr  Party tent 3x4m in blue linen with walls (incl. setting up&down)
J1400 kr/svit  Suites in the castle (incl bed linen and made beds)
K800 kr  Extra addon for 3 Suites from friday (fr-lö)
L2000 kr  Disco stereo (equal stereo cost 5000 to rent downtown)
M1500 kr  Recycling of empty bottles and cans
N4000 kr  Marriage ceremony, Castle (60-97 sitting)
O2500 kr  Marriage ceremony, Castle chapel (34 sitting)
P1200 kr  Transport on Segway for bride and groom
Q7000 kr  Yellow pavillion sa-su
R500 kr  Fire baskets inkl vood and lightning at one occation

Minimum prices
SeasonMin. costMonth
High season 173000June & August
High season 265000May & September
Rest of the year40000October - April

In the minimum price you add the base cost with your desired combination of addons.

Please observe, the minimum price is nothing you use in your calculation, it is just a checkpoint.
Whole year except july, christmas and new years

Prices to rent house

Rent house for holiday, conference with self service, weekend with couples/children, Christmas or new year celebration, birthday party, bachelor party, family gathering.
Example of what is included:
- Dining room & kitchen with equipment (Guest wing only pentry)
- Sleeping over in ordinary beds and extra beds in the houses
- Glass, plates, electricity, water, garbage bags, toilet paper, shampoo, detergent
- Flower vases, Candlestickholders, Candles, Wood for fire
- Outdoor furniture, bbq grills (not cole & lighter fluid), Internet, Stereo, DVD
- Sauna, kägelbahn, tennis court, canoes, castle park, parking
- Simple activity equipment as Boule, rounders, blocks, football goals

Week-day 24h4000 SEK
Week-day 32h5000 SEK
Friday-Saturday4500 SEK
Saturday-Sunday5000 SEK
Friday-Sunday6500 SEK
Whole week10000 SEK
Chrism. / NewY8500 SEK
East wing (Östra flygeln)
Week-day 24h7500 SEK
Week-day 32h9000 SEK
Friday-Saturday7500 SEK
Saturday-Sunday9000 SEK
Friday-Sunday11000 SEK
Whole week20000 SEK
Chrism. / NewY15000 SEK
Guest wing (Gästrumsflygeln)
Week-day 24h6000 SEK
Week-day 32h7000 SEK
Friday-Saturday6000 SEK
Saturday-Sunday7000 SEK
Friday-Sunday9000 SEK
Whole week13000 SEK
Chrism. / NewY10000 SEK
Small huntingwing (Lilla jaktflygeln)
PeriodCost 2pCost 4p
Week-day 24h900 SEK1200 SEK
Saturday-Sunday1300 SEK1600 SEK
Friday-Sunday1800 SEK2200 SEK
Whole week4200 SEK4600 SEK
Gate cabin (Grindstugan)
PeriodCost. 2pCost 4p
Week-day 24h800 SEK1100 SEK
Saturday-Sunday1200 SEK1400 SEK
Friday-Sunday1600 SEK1800 SEK
Whole week3900 SEK5000 SEK
Castle suites
Period1 suite2 suite3 suite
Week-day2800 SEK4400 SEK6000 SEK
Saturday-Sunday3200 SEK4900 SEK6500 SEK
Friday-Sunday3600 SEK5400 SEK7000 SEK
Obs. special conditions, see prices/castle suites
2000 SEK East wing
1200 SEK Brygghuset
2000 SEK Guest wing
500 SEK Small hunting wing / Gatecabin
Cleaning is for bedrooms and common areas. Kitchen cleaning & washing not included
* If area in house is used for dancing/ disco, 35 SEK/person extra for cleaning of dance area
Combination of multiple houses can often be discounted.
Weekly renting end of June, whole July, mo-fr first half of Aug.

Day & Weekend renting whole year except:
- July month (if not a hole in the weekly summer renting)
- Saturday - Sunday during May, June, Aug, Sep, 1:st & 2:nd weekend in Okt. (These weekends possible to rent if there is no wedding booked 3 month in advance, check with us!)
- Friday - Saturday in the East wing for dates above. (Possible in Brygghuset and Guestwing though)
- Christmas and new years. (conditions and prices are defined under headline houseprices)
Possible add-ons:
85 SEK/set. Bed linen & Towels (we rent them ourselves)
50 SEK/bed. Made beds (when using our bed linen)
50 SEK/pp White linen table clothing (chequered linen included)
10 SEK/pp linen napkins

Prices Castle suites

Used as wedding suite, extraordinary or complementary bedrooms etc.
Example of what is included:
- Very separated bedrooms with a fancy double bed in an antique environment
- High class WC and shower to each room, entirely in marble
- New luxury bed bottoms from Strömsholm beds
- Made with our bed linen & towels
- Cleaning of bedroom(s) and common areas
- The Castle Ante room as dining room and common area
- The book room as common area / middle room
- Separate entry from seaside of the castle
- Access to sauna, kägelbahn, tennis court, activity equipment

Castle suites
Period1 suite2 suites3 suites
Week-day2800 SEK4400 SEK6000 SEK
Saturday-Sunday3200 SEK4900 SEK6500 SEK
Friday-Sunday3600 SEK5400 SEK7000 SEK

Whole year except sa-su when we have wedding here
Possible add-ons:
Catered meals can be be offered

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