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Prices and alternatives at Rockelstad

Prices to rent house

Rent house for holiday, conference with self service, weekend with couples/children, Christmas or new year celebration, birthday party, bachelor party, family gathering.
Example of what is included:
- Dining room & kitchen with equipment (Guest wing only pentry)
- Sleeping over in ordinary beds and extra beds in the houses
- Glass, plates, electricity, water, garbage bags, toilet paper, shampoo, detergent
- Flower vases, Candlestickholders, Candles, Wood for fire
- Outdoor furniture, bbq grills (not cole & lighter fluid), Internet, Stereo, DVD
- Sauna, kägelbahn, tennis court, canoes, castle park, parking
- Simple activity equipment as Boule, rounders, blocks, football goals

Week-day 24h4000 SEK
Week-day 32h5000 SEK
Friday-Saturday4500 SEK
Saturday-Sunday5000 SEK
Friday-Sunday6500 SEK
Whole week10000 SEK
Chrism. / NewY8500 SEK
East wing (Östra flygeln)
Week-day 24h7500 SEK
Week-day 32h9000 SEK
Friday-Saturday7500 SEK
Saturday-Sunday9000 SEK
Friday-Sunday11000 SEK
Whole week20000 SEK
Chrism. / NewY15000 SEK
Guest wing (Gästrumsflygeln)
Week-day 24h6000 SEK
Week-day 32h7000 SEK
Friday-Saturday6000 SEK
Saturday-Sunday7000 SEK
Friday-Sunday9000 SEK
Whole week13000 SEK
Chrism. / NewY10000 SEK
Small huntingwing (Lilla jaktflygeln)
PeriodCost 2pCost 4p
Week-day 24h900 SEK1200 SEK
Saturday-Sunday1300 SEK1600 SEK
Friday-Sunday1800 SEK2200 SEK
Whole week4200 SEK4600 SEK
Gate cabin (Grindstugan)
PeriodCost. 2pCost 4p
Week-day 24h800 SEK1100 SEK
Saturday-Sunday1200 SEK1400 SEK
Friday-Sunday1600 SEK1800 SEK
Whole week3900 SEK5000 SEK
Castle suites
Period1 suite2 suite3 suite
Week-day2800 SEK4400 SEK6000 SEK
Saturday-Sunday3200 SEK4900 SEK6500 SEK
Friday-Sunday3600 SEK5400 SEK7000 SEK
Obs. special conditions, see prices/castle suites
2000 SEK East wing
1200 SEK Brygghuset
2000 SEK Guest wing
500 SEK Small hunting wing / Gatecabin
Cleaning is for bedrooms and common areas. Kitchen cleaning & washing not included
* If area in house is used for dancing/ disco, 35 SEK/person extra for cleaning of dance area
Combination of multiple houses can often be discounted.
Weekly renting end of June, whole July, mo-fr first half of Aug.

Day & Weekend renting whole year except:
- July month (if not a hole in the weekly summer renting)
- Saturday - Sunday during May, June, Aug, Sep, 1:st & 2:nd weekend in Okt. (These weekends possible to rent if there is no wedding booked 3 month in advance, check with us!)
- Friday - Saturday in the East wing for dates above. (Possible in Brygghuset and Guestwing though)
- Christmas and new years. (conditions and prices are defined under headline houseprices)
Possible add-ons:
85 SEK/set. Bed linen & Towels (we rent them ourselves)
50 SEK/bed. Made beds (when using our bed linen)
50 SEK/pp White linen table clothing (chequered linen included)
10 SEK/pp linen napkins

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