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Rent house or cabin in Sweden

At Rockelstad there are several beautiful houses and cabins to rent, for large and small groups or families. The houses can be used as summerhouse, for vacation and holiday or as party premises or for conference.

Overviewe of houses to rent at Rockelstad

At the Swedish version of this site, each house is described with a custom webpage. Even if you cannot read the text, there are many pictures of each house there. Switch to the Swedish version by clicking the flag to the right. Please observe all menus will be in Swedish. Please use the right menu to navigate between houses in the Swedish version.

Houses to Rent at Rockelstad

East wing (Östra flygeln)

East wing at Rockelstad

The old kitchen wing that has up to 23 ordinary beds. In the tastefull dining room or glass veranda called "Crystal hall" it is possible to sit up to 92 persons. Two fully equipped kitchens makes it possible to cook for large groups The top floor is mainly bedrooms and sleeping lofts, but also TV-corner and a large upper hall. The house is perfect for 4-7 families to share. 5 shower/toilets in total.


Brygghuset at Rockelstad

Five meters from the lake lies this rustic house, decorated entirely in pine wood. The bottom floor contains a large room with flexible ways to put tables and a large open fireplace. Downstairs is also a nice French style kitchen. The upper floor has 2 small single rooms (possible with extra bed in each), a four-bed-room and a master bedroom for 2 persons (possible with extra bed). The master bedroom has its own shower and toilet and the other 3 rooms share one common. Extra toilet downstairs. This is a very popular house to rent, closer to the lake is hard to get, also a small private beach and 3 KM lake view with nice sunsets.

Guest wing (Gästrumsflygeln)

Guest wing at Rockelstad

This wing built 1694 is perhaps our most genuine house with soaped wooden floors and hand painted tapestry. The seven bedrooms all have their own shower, in total there are 14 beds. The Ante room and the grand hunting room are suitable for dining up to 10-20 persons. A pentry exist for simple cooking, but there is no fully equipped kitchen. This house can be rented separately if you want to move yourself backward in history, but it can also be used for "royal" living as a complement to one of the other houses.

Small hunting wing (Lilla jaktflygeln)

Small hunting wing at Rockelstad

This small wing or cabin has one room and kitchen, and also a loft. In the main room there is a nice double bed, and at the loft there are 2 separate beds. Extra beds can also be used. This is a very nice house for a couple or small family. The kitchen is quite modern and has room for 6 persons to sit. TV, washer and open fireplace exist. Lately this house has been used as a kind of hotel room, but with your own cooking. Sometimes it has been rented out together with the Guest wing to get better kitchen (distance between them is 20m)

Gatecabin (Grindstugan)

Gate cabin at Rockelstad

This is the opposite wing / cabin to the small hunting wing, but with a different disposition. Renovations and decorations have been made, but it is not completely rebuilt as the other small wing. It is a charming house with and old tile stove. Cooler, fridge, stove, owen, micro and TV exist. 2 ordinary beds in the living room are complemented by a bunk-bed in a very small extra room with entrance from the living room. Sofa can be made to extra bed. Perfect house for a couple or small family.

The castle (Slottet)

Castle building at Rockelstad

The bottom floor of the caste is used for very exclusive representation and receptions at different arrangements. The top floor is our private area. The castle mainly consists of lounge / communal rooms as the guest usually slept in the guest wing back in the old days. One part of the castle bottom floor consists of 3 exclusive suites with their own shower and toilet. These rooms can be rented if you want to stay in an ultra exclusive and genuine castle environment. 2 of these rooms are in towers. The suites are very separated from each other, with the old book room and the castle Ante room as common areas.

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