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Wedding and celebration premises at Rockelstad Castle

    Rockelstad is a fairy-tale castle, exactly as romantic as a fairy-tale castle should be. Here you find genuine and original surroundings for weddings at a manor house that has not turned into a commercial hotel. Because of this we also offer a different concept than most other castles.

Wedding couple at Helgesta church

Facilities and premises for weddings

    There are three facilities to use as dining room, for wedding reception and dance/night party. This makes it possible to prepare the different locations in advance and get a working agenda for the whole weekend

Staying over

    We rent out our houses and facilities with the possibility to stay over as many you find it reasonable to place.

Wedding ceremony

Helgesta church

    The beautiful nearby church in Helgesta lies on a hill overlooking the lake. The way from the church to the castle is superb for a ride in a horse-and-carriage, which is available near the estate, and can often be arranged through our previous stable-manager Anders Ericsson.

    An other alternative is to conduct ceremony outdoors at the magnificent stone bridge by the lake. Three stone stairs and a long walk past boxwood hedges give you a fabulous entry-march.

Wedding suite

Castle suites, 3 guestrooms at the Castle
    Inside the castle there is kind of apartment with three very nice suites. These are often used as Wedding suites. One of them is normally used for the wedding couple and the other for marschalks, assistants or parents. These are no modern hotel rooms, but original rooms with antique interiors and an exclusive shower & toilet to each room.

Wedding reception

Rockelstad Castle lower hall
    If the weather permits it is popular to have the wedding reception outside, fronting the castle. The bottom floor of the castle is also a very nice place to have the reception if the weather turns bad, or if you want to show your guests a very antique and original environment with a lot of subjects for inspiring conversations.

Wedding dinner

Dining room
    Our main dining room named "Crystal hall" is in the east wing near our main kitchens. It has a fantastic park and lake view. The room consists of an original smaller dining room and a later added glass veranda. With nice oak floors, high panels, crystal chandeliers, custom made tables and from 2007 also custom made chairs in Baroque style. The dining room can take 92 sitting guests, if you want to be more than 92, you have to come and test yourself. It might work depending on your combination of guests, children and free view in the dining room.

Party after dinner

Wedding dinner in Crystal hall, 92 persons

    After dinner the party normally continues with dance and bar in the lakeside house called Brygghuset. We have disco stereo equipment to rent. You bring your own liquor and decide how long the party shall go on.

Visit and date reservations

    Please come by for a visit and get your own impressions. Rockelstad is a very popular place to celebrate weddings. You can check preliminary availability at this website directly against our booking calendar. But please contact us to get a more updated view. It is good to prepare well in advance so that no other event occupies your special weekend. Prices for weddings can also be found at this website.

    This is a new English version of our website released Jan 2009, more information and pictures can be found at the Swedish version of the website (headline bröllop).

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